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Website Design for Small Business

New businesses are able to stand out with a modern website! 10 years ago a website just wasn't what it is today, but as technology changes businesses have to adjust and a new website is an excellent place to begin that adjustment. Whether you are a new business seeking a brand new website design for your brand or an existing business in search of an upgrade, C4 Squared can help.

How does the Website Design Process work?

First, a member of our team will speak with you about your business and what type website will best suit your needs. We'll find out things such as, if you need a logo or not, and which websites best imitate your vision for your new website. Once we've got most of the details sorted out we can send you over a formal proposal outlining the work to be done.

We'll be patiently awaiting your response and if we get the ok, then that's when the fun begins!

What Next?

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