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Pre-existing businesses

C4 Squared Helps Businesses Online

Many businesses have been around well before the internet was even a thought! Other small businesses haven't been around quite as long and are in need of some TLC. At C4 Squared, we help pre-existing businesses improve their online presence in their local market. Service based businesses should be able to compete for leads in their area and the big guy does not deserve a larger piece of the pie than others. Everyone is entitled to their fair share and we make sure that each of our clients is treated fairly in their market.

Pre-Existing Business Audit

C4 Squared will begin looking at your business to find areas in need of improvement. Our primary focus will be on your website and local SEO, which is how well you are showing up in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) for targeted keywords and industry categories in your area. Our research will unveil where the opportunities lie and we will formulate a plan to get your business a larger piece of the pie in your area!

Every Businesses Needs Differ

Search engines drive traffic to the most relevant businesses in a particular industry. Necessary changes to how your business is seen online is more important today than it has even been. Competition in each area is different as is based on how many businesses are after the customers that you are targeting. C4 Squared will take the necessary first steps needed and your business will begin reaping the rewards!

What Next?

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