Small Business Website Design Tips You Must Know

Website Design

Tips every small business owner needs to know

It is certainly no surprise that most small business owners have a website. The rise of mobile devices and the ability to be found in local markets has triggered fierce online competition amongst local industries.

A reputable small business website design is an excellent way to get the upper hand on your competitors.

Our aim of this article is to give you better insight into the website design process and help you save a couple bucks along the way.


Here are a few things that will help you speed up the process and give the website designer that you do choose a better chance of getting it right the first time.

Find Small Business Website Design Examples in Your Industry

In 2019, many small businesses do not have to meet face to face with a company to build their website. Freelance websites such as: Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, make finding work super easy if you are in to that kind of thing.


Whether you decide to hire a freelancer or an agency, having a few examples up your sleeve will certainly help out tremendously.

Small business website design google search feature

Start off by performing a Google search in your local industry to see which companies show up in the local Google map pack, the results under the ads and suggestions. Visit a few of the websites of those competitors to get a feel for what you like and what you dislike.


Bookmark the sites that you prefer and keep some notes so that you can remember everything when it comes time to relay the message to your small business web designer. Local SEO is all about competition and if you can one up yours- you're on the right track!

Gather Photos of Your Small Business for Use On Your Website

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Licensing photos for businesses websites can be expensive. Website designer’s will be forced to add that cost into their estimate and it can quickly drive up the cost of your new website.


One way to save a few dollars is to take photos of your own to be featured on your small business website.


If using your phone, be sure to hold it sideways as you’ll gather a larger photo which can easily be cropped to suit your website. A vertical photo makes cropping more difficult.


If you’re like many and you have access to a professional camera that will work even better. Take photos of your products, your business, and even a few out in the field performing your service if that is an option for your particular business.


Set a day that works for your company and make sure that there is a dress code enforced for that day.

Have a Logo for Your Business

Example of logo design by graphic designer

Every small business needs a logo to feature on their website. It’s a vital part to creating brand recognition in your area and it helps people remember you.


Some businesses have logos made already and they will just want to make sure to have a nice sized .jpg or .png file ready to hand over to their website designer. Preferably, this file should have a transparent background, but if not your website designer can make it work.


If you are one of the small business website design seekers who does not have a logo then it is time to find a graphic designer.


Many graphic designers can over charge for their services so be sure to shop around first. Expect to pay a few hundred bucks for your new logo. This process can take a few weeks depending on how picky you are and whether or not your graphic designer is able to grasp your vision the first time or not. Providing plenty of examples up front will eliminate much of the back and forth.


Be patient and don’t settle until you are completely satisfied with the logo that has been created.

What information would you like on your About Us page?

At C4 Squared, we schedule phone calls with our new website clients at the beginning of the website design process. Our content creator reaches out and takes notes so that he/she can better curate the content for that small businesses website design needs.


That being said, it doesn’t hurt to start jotting down some ideas and gathering old photos to get the ball rolling.


The more information about your company that a website designer is given, the easier it will be for them to convey the message on your website’s about us page.

In Conclusion

Start taking photos of your business now so that you don’t have to rush that process when your new website is being developed. High quality photos are best. A sideways held mobile phone will suffice.


Have a logo created for your business if you have not done so already. Many website designers will match the theme of a website to the colors in a logo so keep that in mind while picking out your favorite design.


Start brainstorming now about the About Us page and other featured pages that are unique to your business. The more information that you put together before hand, the less that you will need to be involved when the small business website design for your new website is being pushed through.


Hopefully after reading this you’ve gained a bit of knowledge on the process of website design for small business. Every business is different, but doing a bit of work now help showcase your brand while making the web design process much easier for both parties involved.

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