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Local SEO

Local SEO for Small Business

The primary goal for any Local SEO campaign is to drive traffic to your business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in today' day and age it is extremely important to the online success of your business. C4 Squared approaches SEO at the Local level and focuses on growing small businesses traffic through various on-page and off-page efforts. An investment in the Local SEO of your small business can pay dividends for your company for years down the road.

New Business SEO is simple as not much has gone wrong and we can really take it on and move the needle quickly; pre-existing businesses can be more time consuming and will require a professional audit.


Your interest in SEO for your small business shows that you know what it means and that you understand its importance. Let’s talk about your business and develop an SEO strategy that will help deliver the results that your business deserves!  

How does Local SEO work?

Great question! We schedule a call and gather a bit of information from you. Next, we may get a few login credentials and take a deeper look to gain better insight as to the SEO opportunities for your business. After that, we'll send over a proposal that lays out the areas for improvement and how C4 Squared will go about moving your business up in your local area.

What Next?

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